When it comes to providing our youngsters with the best start to life, nutrition is critical.

With its high protein and calcium content, variety of flavors, and gluten-free and low-sugar options, EasiYo Yogurt is the perfect solution for school cafeterias.

Why is EasiYo Yogurt the perfect choice for in-school catering?

EasiYo Yogurt is packed with protein, essential for growing bodies and minds. Protein helps students stay full and focused throughout the day, leading to better academic performance.

Additionally, EasiYo Yogurt is rich in calcium, crucial for building strong bones and teeth. By offering EasiYo Yogurt in school cafeterias, you are providing students with a tasty way to meet their daily calcium needs.

What makes EasiYo Yogurt stand out?

Not only is EasiYo Yogurt nutritious, but it also comes in a variety of delicious flavors that students love. From classic options like strawberry and vanilla to more adventurous choices like mango and passionfruit, there is a flavour for every palate.  EasiYo even offer real fruit toppings to truly customise their Yogurt.

Furthermore, EasiYo Yogurt offers gluten-free and low-sugar options, making it a versatile choice for students with dietary restrictions or preferences. With EasiYo Yogurt, you can cater to a wide range of student needs without sacrificing taste or quality.

How can EasiYo Yogurt help students achieve their best?

By incorporating EasiYo Yogurt into school catering menus, you are providing students with a nutritious and satisfying option that will fuel their bodies and minds. With the protein and calcium* found in EasiYo Yogurt, students will be ready to learn throughout the school day.

Make the smart choice for in-school catering and choose EasiYo Yogurt. With its nutritional benefits, delicious flavors, and dietary options, EasiYo Yogurt is the perfect solution for helping students achieve their best.


*Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.  Protein contributes to growth and repair of muscle mass.  Calcium and protein contribute to the maintenance of normal bones