In the hospitality business, value-for-money is paramount, quality is non-negotiable, and flexibility is priceless.


Cost-effective, manufactured to the most stringent standards and perfect for numerous uses, EasiYo products are all of these things…and much, much more!


With a range that includes yogurt bases, fruit toppings (to flavour yogurts) and dessert mixes (to make cheesecakes and mousses), our products can be enjoyed on their own or used as a key ingredient. Delicious flavours, like our new Sweet Enough Vanilla Reduced Sugar Flavour Yogurt, make it easy to create dishes which stand out from the crowd, with Kosher approval ensuring they can be enjoyed by everyone!


Intelligent packaging solutions not only help to reduce reliance on single-use plastics, but also mean our products can be kept in ambient storage for longer.


Amplify the feel-good factor, with EasiYo!