Remote Sites

Remote Sites

When it comes to catering for remote sites like mines, off shore rigs, and work sites, finding the right food options can be a challenge. EasiYo Yogurt offers a solution that is not only convenient but also nutritious, making it a great choice for these environments.

High in Calcium and Protein

EasiYo Yogurts are packed with calcium and protein, essential nutrients for maintaining strong bones and muscles*. In remote work environments where access to fresh food may be limited, having a source of these nutrients is crucial for the health and well-being of workers.

Easy to Make

One of the key advantages of EasiYo Yogurt is how easy it is to prepare. With just a few simple steps, anyone can make delicious, creamy yogurt in the convenience of their own space. This is especially important in remote sites where access to fresh food or refrigeration may be limited.

Long Ambient Shelf Life

Unlike traditional yogurt that requires refrigeration from day one, EasiYo Yogurt has a long ambient shelf life, making it perfect for remote sites where refrigeration space may be limited. This means that workers can enjoy fresh, homemade yogurt without the need for special storage conditions.

EasiYo Yogurt is a great choice for catering for remote sites due to its nutritional value, ease of preparation, and long ambient shelf life. Providing a convenient and healthy food option, EasiYo Yogurt can help keep workers satisfied and nourished in challenging work environments.



*Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.  Protein contributes to growth and repair of muscle mass.  Calcium and protein contribute to the maintenance of normal bones