Impact Food Group

Impact Food Group

We spoke with Impact Food Group's Executive Chef Andy Wilcock.  Read what he has to say about using EasiYo.

How long have you been using EasiYo?

IFG consisting of Cucina and Innovate have been using EasiYo for coming up to about 1 year now.  Cucina used EasiYo for many years prior to our new ownership.


What attracted you to using EasiYo in your kitchen/business?

We chose to use this as we believe in the story behind the product, the fact that we make fresh yogurt in our kitchens and it has an amazing shelf life of 2 weeks once made. 

We use the Greek and Natural yogurts, the Cheesecake Mix and several of the Reduced Sugar Fruit Toppings.  We also use the Low Sugar Mousse range.

How do you use the EasiYo Range of products?

We use these for yogurt pots, fruit & yogurt bar, making yogurt dressings, desserts and use the fruit toppings at breakfast and lunch with items such as waffles, pancakes, ice cream bars and in other various desserts.


What are the benefits to your kitchen/business?

I think the 2 week shelf life is a great advantage to the yogurt as it means we can make less frequently and has very little chance of it going out of date.

We feel the Reduced Sugar Fruit Toppings are a great addition to the range as it is an easy way of getting more fruit into the students diet by having them available with a selection of dishes.