Miquill - School Catering Services

Miquill - School Catering Services

Simon Quill, the MD for Miquill Catering shared with us his experience using EasiYo.  Read what he has to say.

How long have you been using EasiYo?

We have been using EasiYo for over 2 years as freshly made yogurt on site is a USP and it is cost effective


How do you use the EasiYo Range of products?

We use EasiYo as yogurt as an ingredient for desserts and curries.


What are the benefits to your kitchen/business?

  The EasiYo solution has helped our business by allowing us to make bulk product as and when needed and with reduced costs.  Versatility and a reduction in plastics due to the process is also a benefit to us.

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